With Goffman Confirmation, EPA Must Ramp up Pace on Strong Pollution Rules

In response to Joseph Goffman’s confirmation as the assistant administrator to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Air and Radiation, Evergreen Action Senior Power Sector Policy Lead Charles Harper released the following statement:

“We applaud the Senate for its important vote today. Joseph Goffman has already been leading the air office; now that it’s official, it’s time for him to get its work over the finish line. His confirmation today means it is time to ramp up the pace and finalize key pollution and climate rules before the end of the president’s first term. Strong rules that slash deadly air and water pollution are key to protecting the health of millions of Americans all around the country. And the administration has made promising headway thus far on several of these rules—but they can’t hang their hats quite yet. 

“In his new role, Assistant Administrator Goffman must ensure that all of the administration’s outstanding climate and pollution rules are strengthened and finalized. This especially includes strong rules for clean heavy-duty vehicles, light-duty vehicles, soot pollution, and the hugely important carbon standards for new and existing coal and gas power plants. 

“For EPA’s carbon standards, we will be watching closely to see if Goffman delivers a strong set of rules that include both coal- and gas-fired power plants, new and old. Limiting this rule to anything less would be an enormous missed opportunity. All of EPA’s outstanding rules are critical to protecting those on the frontlines of pollution hot spots and putting an end to needless, harmful pollution that threatens communities everywhere. We are eager to see them finish the job.”

Evergreen previously released an EPA Power Sector Report Card, highlighting EPA’s progress on 10 key power sector and air quality rules that are critical to reining in pollution that harms frontline communities and is exacerbating the climate crisis. You can view the full report card here.