Voters Protect Pro-Climate Action Majorities In 2023 Elections

In key races around the country, voters rejected fossil fuel scare tactics

In response to the results of the 2023 general election, including the protection of a Democratic majority in the Virginia Senate,
Evergreen Action State Press Secretary Emily Halvorson released the following statement: 

“Tonight’s election results are a huge victory for continued climate progress in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Three years ago, Virginia became the first Southern state to pass a 100 percent clean electricity standard and the first Southern state to pass a law to participate in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Today, voters in Virginia protected a pro-climate majority in the Senate that will continue to make the state a national leader on the clean energy economy.

“Since being sworn into office in 2022, Gov. Glenn Youngkin and state Republicans have launched an all-out attack on the state’s clean energy and climate policies. So far, these efforts have been blocked by Senate Democrats, protecting the Virginia Clean Economy Act and the state’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Today, voters chose to protect the thousands of clean energy jobs, energy cost savings, and federal investments these policies bring to the state. 

“Tonight’s results show that clean energy is a winning issue. Fossil fuel special interests spent millions in dark money attacking pro-climate legislators, yet Virginia voters overwhelmingly rejected antiquated scare tactics and opted for candidates who want to supercharge their state’s clean energy economy and maintain economic competitiveness across the region. Virginians made their voices heard and secured a major climate win for their state and communities.” 

Elsewhere, voters in Pennsylvania strengthened a Democratic majority on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and rejected anti-wind fallacies to elect pro-clean energy legislators to the New Jersey Assembly.