The Data Doesn’t Lie: Clean Energy Will Lower Energy Prices in Michigan

Michigan Republicans lie about impact of clean energy transition, falsely claim rising energy costs

Lansing, MI—Earlier today, Michigan Republican legislators released a press statement in opposition to legislation that would transition the state to 100 percent clean energy. In response, Evergreen Action Midwest Senior Policy and Advocacy Manager Courtney Bourgoin released the following statement:

“We knew Republicans would attempt to mislead Michiganders with false claims about rising costs and reliability issues. But the data doesn’t lie: Clean energy will lower the average Michigan household’s energy prices by at least $145 a year. Moving to 100 percent clean energy will help secure billions in federal funding for Michigan, create 160,000 jobs, and save Michiganders’ hard-earned money. And on top of that, renewables will help prevent the state’s increasing blackouts in the face of extreme weather events and increased demand, like we’re already seeing in Texas

“Taking action to move toward 100 percent clean energy is a historic opportunity to save money, increase grid reliability, and address climate change. But Republicans in Lansing are more focused on serving their corporate polluter donors than doing what’s best for Michigan.” 

In August, 5 Lakes Energy released a study commissioned by Evergreen and the Energy Innovation Business Council detailing the economic and health benefits of passing this legislation before the end of the year. The report directly contradicts Republicans’ claims that suggest these bills will create higher costs for Michiganders, finding that passing strong clean energy legislation would lower household energy costs by at least $145 a year. On top of those cost savings, the report projects clean energy and climate legislation would contribute to an economic boom in the state, resulting in: 

  • The creation of nearly 160,000 jobs 
  • $5.3 billion more in federal funding from the Inflation Reduction Act this decade 
  • $7.8 billion more in investment by 2050, more than double what Michigan would receive without enacting these policies

In addition to the economic benefits, 100 percent clean energy is also extremely popular among Michigan voters. In a poll Evergreen released earlier this year by Data for Progress, 65 percent of voters supported legislation to transition the state’s energy grid to 100 percent clean energy and 73 percent of polled voters want the Legislature to do more to keep energy bills affordable.