Super Tuesday Results Set Up November Matchup Between Climate Action and Climate Chaos

In response to the presidential primary results in Super Tuesday states, Evergreen Action Communications Director Holly Burke released the following statement:

“Tonight’s results make it clearer than ever that in November, voters will face a choice between the president who has accomplished the most significant climate progress in our nation’s history, and someone hell-bent on dragging America backward in the fight against climate change. In his first term, President Biden has shown us what it looks like to deliver historic climate action that secures major pollution reductions and sparks a clean energy economic boom. The president’s Investing in America agenda has already created more than 270,000 jobs and is saving working families billions on their electricity bills by making clean energy more affordable. Biden’s clean energy plan is working, but it’s just getting started, and the Biden administration is set up to deliver critical climate progress in a second term. 

“On the other side of the spectrum, we have a former president who used his time in office to weaken limits on climate pollution and hand out billions in tax breaks to Big Oil. Trump has made it clear he would pursue an even more extreme approach to climate and energy issues if elected to a second term, threatening to dismantle important progress made and lock in decades of pollution with handouts to fossil fuel corporations. 

“Voters will face a clear choice on climate in November, and there’s only one candidate who will move us forward and deliver pollution reductions supported by the vast majority of Americans. Joe Biden is the proven climate choice.”

Paid for by Evergreen Action. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.