Republicans’ Tax Package Is Yet Another Dangerous Attempt at Repealing IRA Investments

In response to House Republicans’ tax package that calls for repealing clean energy tax credits from the Inflation Reduction Act, Evergreen Action Executive Director Lena Moffitt released the following statement:

“On Friday, under the smoke-filled skies of Washington, House Republicans introduced their latest attempt at a rollback of the IRA’s transformative clean energy investments. The so-called ‘American Families and Jobs Act’ would kill clean energy jobs in red and blue states alike and subject families to the devastating impacts of climate change—especially those in Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities. America took a massive step forward in boosting the clean energy economy with the passage of the IRA and its $369 billion in climate investments. The Republicans’ proposal would take a massive step backward from that progress. Make no mistake: This is not a tax package; it’s a polluter lobbyist-written attack on our clean energy future.

“Republicans often whine about wanting to be taken seriously on climate change but then routinely retreat back to climate denialism. It hasn’t even been a month since their last attempt to repeal parts of the biggest climate bill passed in American history. It’s quite clear they are beholden to the interests of their fossil fuel donors. 

“This bill is a dangerous attempt to take us off the path of creating a livable clean energy future. The IRA’s investments have been transformative to our economy, and have been benefitting the very districts of many of the House Republicans now trying to repeal them. We must continue to move forward on equitable implementation of the IRA as quickly as possible, and members of Congress must reject this dangerous GOP tax proposal.”