Republicans Gas Stove Bills Put Children At Risk In The Name of Big Oil

In anticipation of the vote for House Republicans’ proposed “Gas Stove Protection Act” and “Save Our Stoves Act,” Evergreen Action Executive Director Lena Moffitt released the following statement:

“Republicans are more willing to fight to protect the gas industry than they are to protect the health and safety of American families. House Republicans’ two proposed bills, take aim at the progress we’re making to clean up our buildings sector by attacking key regulatory tools that protect common sense rules for efficiency and public health safety.

“Cutting unnecessary, toxic fossil fuel air pollution from our buildings and homes is a no brainer. Gas stoves emit a wide range of indoor air pollutants including nitric oxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and carcinogens like benzene and formaldehyde. These pollutants are detrimental to our health and can raise the risk of asthma in kids by a frightening 42 percent. Yet, despite these facts, the House GOP is working double time in service of their fossil fuel donors to cling to a dying mainstream cash cow for Big Oil. Make no mistake: House Republicans are not trying to ‘save’ gas stoves—they’re trying to save the fossil fuel industry from the brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable clean energy future that’s before us.”

Buildings represent the nation’s largest consumer of energy, fourth-largest source of direct carbon pollution, and second-largest source of air pollution. Evergreen Action previously released “A National Roadmap for Clean Buildings,” a report detailing the suite of executive actions, pollution and efficiency standards, and investments that must be implemented to decarbonize the U.S. buildings sector in the face of the mounting climate crisis. You can read the full report here.