Raskin Must Be Confirmed Without Delay

In response to recent developments surrounding the nomination of Sarah Bloom Raskin to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Evergreen Action Chief of Staff Lena Moffitt released the following statement.

“Sarah Bloom Raskin is eminently qualified to serve as the next Vice Chair for Supervision at the Fed. We applaud the White House and Senate Banking Chair Sherrod Brown for standing behind her nomination in the face of spurious attacks from the fossil fuel industry and its cronies in Washington. 

“In 2008, we saw what can happen when regulators turn a blind eye to emerging systemic financial risks. Now, the fossil fuel industry is doing everything they can to ensure history repeats itself by stonewalling nominees who would take common-sense steps to ensure investors and financial institutions alike have the tools they need to measure and mitigate their own exposure to climate-related financial risk. Leading economists, appointed by Republicans and Democrats alike, have joined Raskin in calling for more action to navigate the emerging economic threat of climate change. We cannot allow one industry’s grip on Washington to push our financial system to the brink. Sarah Bloom Raskin received bipartisan support when she was nominated to serve as Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, there’s no reason she should not receive the same this time around. She should be confirmed without delay.”

The attacks on Sarah Bloom Raskin’s nomination have been out of touch with reality, financial institutions, leading economists, and the American people. She is an experienced, qualified candidate whose nomination has been endorsed by the Bloomberg Editorial Board, the Washington Post Editorial Board, and leading economists and experts throughout the field.