National Environmental Groups to Biden Admin: Don’t Spend Billions on Pollution

Today, Clean Air Task Force, Evergreen Collaborative, League of Conservation Voters, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, Sunrise Movement, and Union of Concerned Scientists placed a full page ad in the Washington Post calling on the administration to ensure the clean hydrogen tax credits go towards truly clean hydrogen - and prevent additional climate pollution. With the Biden administration considering the details of the clean hydrogen tax credits, this coalition is working together to ensure that public funds from our nation's most historic climate law are not used to exacerbate the climate crisis.

The coalition released the following statement:

 “The Biden Administration should not allow clean energy tax credits for hydrogen that increase carbon pollution. A hydrogen industry that comes at the cost of a dirty grid will not be clean at all. The implementation of these tax credits should be focused on cutting carbon pollution and tackling the climate crisis, as Congress intended.”