Michigan One Step Closer to a 100 Percent Clean Energy Standard

House must immediately move to pass through committee and full chamber to deliver package to Governor Whitmer for signature

In response to the passage of the Senate’s clean energy package through the full Michigan Senate chamber, Evergreen Action Midwest Senior Policy and Advocacy Manager Courtney Bourgoin released the following statement: 

“Today, Michigan is one step closer toward being the next state to establish a 100 percent clean energy standard. Michiganders are ready for a clean energy future with a more reliable grid, affordable energy prices, and clean air to breathe. And Senate passage today is a meaningful step toward making that future a reality for communities across the state. 

“These policies, along with the siting package from the House, will set Michigan up for a historic windfall of federal investment and to become a national leader in creating clean energy jobs. Investing in Michigan’s clean energy economy today will significantly boost federal investment in the state over the next few years, securing continued support for local economies and businesses for generations to come. 

“We commend Senate sponsors for their work on this package and urge the Michigan House to move quickly to pass these bills and deliver them to Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s desk for signature. And after the package is passed and signed, the state must immediately follow this critical step with meaningful utility reform legislation to ensure a clean, affordable, and equitable energy grid that works for all Michigan ratepayers. Let’s get this across the finish line.” 

Earlier this year, Evergreen Action and the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council unveiled a report from 5 Lakes Energy detailing the economic benefits of passing a clean energy standard and other climate policies. The report found that in addition to saving Michigan households an average of $145 a year in energy costs, policies like the ones in the package and additional measures would secure $7.8 billion more in federal investment from the Inflation Reduction Act and drive the creation of nearly 160,000 quality jobs

In addition to the economic benefits, 100 percent clean energy is also extremely popular among Michigan voters. In a poll Evergreen released in April by Data for Progress, 65 percent of voters supported legislation to transition the state’s energy grid to 100 percent clean energy and 73 percent of polled voters want the Legislature to do more to keep energy bills affordable. Michigan ranks 10th nationally among all states for climate pollution, making a clean power sector essential for both state and national climate commitments.