IRAirl: Got Some ‘Splaining to Do

This is Evergreen’s IRAirl, where we highlight how the climate investments within the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) are benefiting communities across America—in real life (irl).

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The 411:

Republicans’ “Default on America” bill has vulnerable members voting to claw back investments that are already creating jobs in their own districts. House Majority Leader McCarthy is so desperate to make sure his fossil fuel donors can continue to rake in record profits that he’s prepared to make his entire caucus walk the plank and vote against popular investments in their very own communities. Meanwhile, the IRA continues proving why its investments are so popular in the first place: from new investments in green financing to communities achieving 100% clean power. And as these benefits continue to skyrocket and compound on one another, it’s clear to see: It doesn’t matter whether it’s a blue district or a red district, the IRA is delivering for the American people. Choosing to go on the offense to attack the IRA, and holding the American economy hostage to do it, is about as desperate as it gets.

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