IRAirl: A Clean Future is a Better Future

This is Evergreen’s IRAirl, where we highlight how the climate investments within the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) are benefiting communities across America—in real life (irl).

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The 411:

Just weeks after Congressional Republicans tried to repeal President Biden’s signature climate and clean energy law, more than 100 million Americans were placed under air pollution alerts, reminding us all that bold climate action is a matter of life and death. But even as we wait for the smoke to clear from the skies, good news is on the horizon. Thanks to investments from the IRA, the Southeastern U.S. is emerging as an burgeoning EV and battery beltway, and across the board, American manufacturing is booming at a “wildly fast rate.”These transformative clean energy investments are creating good-paying jobs, ramping down dependence on toxic oil and gas, and safeguarding and trainingthose on the frontlines of the transition. While the scenes of air pollution blanketing the country following this week’s disastrous wildfires is a sobering reminder of the threat we face, the IRA is making an impact now to kickstart our chance at a better future.

At a Glance:


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