ICYMI: Evergreen Collaborative Named as “Top Recommendation” for Highly Effective Climate Nonprofits

For The Second Year In A Row, Giving Green Recommends Evergreen On Shortlist of Climate Orgs “That Punch Above Their Weight”

Yesterday, Giving Green, an organization that researches and recommends highly effective climate initiatives to guide prospective donors, named Evergreen Collaborative as one of the “Top five nonprofits that fight climate change in 2022.”

Giving Green’s team of researchers spent 6,000 hours working to identify evidence- backed, cost-effective organizations to maximize the impact of climate donations. Here’s a sampling of what their researchers concluded about Evergreen, from their recommendation summary

  • “Evergreen successfully advocated for many initiatives that were included in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) such as clean energy tax credits, the green bank, and environmental justice block grants.”

  • “Following the passage of the IRA, Evergreen Collaborative is now planning to work on bill implementation, state-level policy, and influencing the Biden Administration and federal agencies to take further action on climate. We think Evergreen Collaborative will be impactful in these areas, given its track record of success, organizational strengths, strategic approach, and emphasis on aligning its work to what is most politically tractable.”

  • “Evergreen Collaborative’s main strength has been in developing and advocating for climate policy, especially for the power sector and environmental justice initiatives.”

  • “We classify Evergreen Collaborative as one of our top recommendations.”

  • “We believe that Evergreen is a highly effective organization given its track record, agility, policy knowledge, sphere of influence, and emphasis on calibrating its work to the political climate.”