House Republicans Advance Their ‘Polluters Over People Act’

GOP’s First Bill With New House Majority Is In Service Of Their Fossil Fuel Donors

In response to the floor vote on Congressional Republicans’ proposed H.R. 1 bill, Evergreen Action Co-Founder & Senior Advisor Jamal Raad released the following statement:

“A corrupt handout to Big Oil is officially the first act of the Republican House majority. Instead of acting in the best interest of the American people, the GOP is once again doing everything it can to benefit an industry that raked in over 400 billion dollars in record profits last year—and it’s not hard to see why. The oil and gas lobby spent nearly 40 million dollars bankrolling right-wing campaigns in the 2022 election cycle alone, and those very same fossil fuel execs who gave Republicans their slim majority are now awaiting their payout.

“The contrast cannot be clearer. Last year Democrats delivered historic investments in climate and clean energy. These investments are already creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, cutting energy costs for American households, and bringing a manufacturing boom to the U.S. economy. But today, House Republicans voted to strip away key IRA provisions and metastasize American dependence on fossil fuels, sustaining the pain Americans feel from fossil fuels—whether it's at the pump or in the rising toll of climate change. Americans widely agree that we don’t need any more handouts to fossil fuel companies. Now is the time for real leadership that puts the people’s needs at the top of the agenda, not big oil's.”