Evergreen Statement on Trump’s Plans to Sell Climate Policy to Oil Execs for $1 Billion

In response to reports that former President Trump offered to allow oil executives to undo climate laws inexchange for $1 billion in campaign contributions and that oil industry lobbyists are already writing executive orders for Trump to sign on Day One, Evergreen Action Executive Director Lena Moffitt released the following statement:

“Donald Trump is acting like a comic book villain, offering to sell off the fate of the planet for a $1 billion check. America has made historic progress on climate change over the past four years, and it has meant more jobs and cleaner air and water across our nation. Now, Donald Trump is prepared to literally hand the pen to Exxon and Chevron to write the policies that will set back America’s climate progress and poison our communities. These terrifying reports show what’s at stake this November, as Donald Trump threatens to let the foxes run the henhouse.”