Evergreen Statement on No Labels’ New Hampshire Town Hall

In anticipation of No Labels’ New Hampshire town hall to unveil their 2024 policy agenda, Evergreen Action Executive Director Lena Moffitt released the following statement:

“Our planet is burning while No Labels fiddles around with a new strategy to put Donald Trump back in office. In addition to their commitment to rejecting labels, it’s clear that this group has also rejected the basic math that their third-party ticket could roll out the red carpet for a climate denier to take the White House. 

“No Labels’ newly announced platform would be a handout to fossil fuel companies, with no specific plans for increasing clean energy production or actually tackling the climate crisis. Tonight’s town hall in New Hampshire is nothing more than a dangerous sideshow, while Americans grapple with the direct impacts of climate change. In a moment of mounting climate disasters across the country, America simply cannot afford to waste time with this joke of a climate platform.”