Evergreen Statement on Finalized Methane Reporting Requirements

In response to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) releasing a final rule to update reporting requirements for methane in the oil and gas sector under the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program, Evergreen Senior Policy Lead for Energy Transition Mattea Mrkusic released the following statement: 

“EPA’s updated and strengthened methane reporting requirements are a necessary step toward more reliably tracking the sources of this dangerous super pollutant. As we hurtle toward climate tipping points, tackling methane pollution—which is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide on a 20-year horizon—is one of our best opportunities to make a major dent in emissions. 

“Right now, the oil and gas industry is leaking dangerous and planet-heating methane pollution into fenceline communities and our atmosphere. What’s more, methane pollution from the oil and gas sector has a track record of being woefully underestimated. It couldn’t be more important to accurately measure and report these emissions, and we applaud EPA’s work to complement the Inflation Reduction Act’s Methane Emissions Reduction Program and ensure we know how much pollution we’re really up against in the fight for our climate.”