Evergreen Statement on California Clean Truck Partnership

Today, the Engine Manufacturers Association, truck manufacturers, and the state of California announced a deal to comply with the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Advanced Clean Trucks and Omnibus. In response to the announcement, Evergreen Action Vice President of Policy Craig Segall released the following statement: 

“This is a historic deal that will drive major pollution reductions across the trucking sector. Truck pollution has poisoned communities and the climate across the country for years, and we’re pleased that rather than wasting time in the courts, truck makers are finally committing to follow California’s ambitious rules. 

“This deal is a substantial step to locking in the path to zero-emission trucks. Truck routes have historically run through communities of color and lower-income communities and account for about a quarter of national transportation greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and about a third of smog-forming NOx emissions. Paired with the Inflation Reduction Act’s major investments in vehicle electrification and charging, this will help us go further, faster to address the economic, environmental, and health impacts of the transportation sector.

“Now it’s EPA’s turn to finalize regulations for the freight sector and strengthen their GHG rule to nationalize this momentum. We will hold the truck sector accountable and look forward to working to further accelerate the clean transportation transition.”