Evergreen Stands With UAW: There’s No Clean Future Without American Workers

In anticipation of the potential strike amongst the United Auto Workers (UAW) Evergreen Action Industry & Workforce Policy Lead Trevor Dolan released the following statement:

“Corporate heavyweights in the auto industry are cynically attempting to use the transition to electric vehicles to lower wages and labor standards. But we know that we cannot sustain the clean energy transition without a strong workforce, and efforts to undermine autoworkers threaten the success of our collective movement. It’s crystal clear: A fair transition does not just mean deploying clean technology—it means ensuring that the clean energy future belongs to the workers who are building it.

“Economic and climate justice can and must go hand in hand. Evergreen is proud to stand alongside the United Auto Workers in demanding a fair deal from the Big Three, ensuring that the transition to EVs strengthens the working class, with livable wages, safe working conditions, and job security.”

Evergreen stands with more than 100 environmental, racial, and social justice organizations in support of UAW members. Earlier this week, Evergreen released “In Solidarity With UAW: Why We Need Good Jobs in the EV Transition,” highlighting why the climate and labor movement must stand behind workers negotiating for a fair deal and economic justice in the clean energy economy. You can read the full piece here.