Evergreen: Proposed EPA Methane Rule Takes Vital Steps to Tackle Super Pollutant

In response to EPA’s proposed updated methane standards, Evergreen Action Chief of Staff Lena Moffitt released the following statement:

“Tackling methane emissions is non-negotiable if we want a shot at staving off catastrophic warming and meeting President Biden’s climate targets. EPA’s supplemental rule to reduce methane and other harmful pollutants takes important and necessary steps to minimize emissions of this dangerous super pollutant. Notably, this rule strengthens leak detection and repair requirements, including requirements for the smaller wells that are responsible for half of methane emissions nationwide, and allows for third parties to track and report high volume leaks. Building on the critical investments from the Inflation Reduction Act, this rule will help reduce pollution while further supercharging the transition to a clean energy economy.

“We look forward to working with EPA to ensure this vital rule also addresses the harmful practice of routine flaring that is particularly dangerous for the frontline communities that are directly subjected to pollution from oil and gas extraction sites. Today’s proposal represents a significant win in the Biden administration’s fight against climate change and we are committed to working towards a final rule that will achieve the strongest possible protections for climate and public health.

Evergreen previously called on EPA to update methane standards to ensure all oil and gas wells are subject to regular leak detection and repair regardless of their potential to emit, and require an end to routine flaring in 6 Ways President Biden Can Use Executive Action to Take on the Climate Crisis. The report also called for EPA to develop a community monitoring program to engage with frontline communities; educate and certify community members; and require immediate follow-up on complaints filed by community members. You can read the full suite of recommendations here.