Evergreen: More Work Ahead to Eliminate Climate Pollution In the Power Sector

In response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) announcement that it will be re-proposing a section 111(d) standard for existing gas sources, Evergreen Action Senior Power Sector Policy Lead Charles Harper released the following statement:

“We have always known that the fight for a clean power sector wouldn’t be a quick one. EPA’s first order of business should be finalizing strong and necessary limits on climate pollution from new gas and existing coal plants as quickly as possible. These standards for new gas and existing coal will be major steps forward, with more to come.

“While today’s announcement means that the road to federal carbon limits on existing gas plants will be longer than we had hoped, we are confident the administration will finalize standards this spring for key sources, and we’re in this for the long haul. We are glad that EPA is committed to finishing the job with a new rule that covers every gas plant operating in the US. And we look forward to working with them to ensure a comprehensive standard for existing gas sources is proposed and finalized expeditiously.”