Evergreen Launches New Michigan and Wisconsin TV Ads With Governors Highlighting Local Benefits of IRA

Seven-figure Ad Buy in Michigan and Wisconsin Markets Feature Govs. Whitmer, Evers Talking About Clean Energy Progress

Today, Evergreen Collaborative launched a new ad campaign highlighting the Inflation Reduction Act’s (IRA) impact on local economies and communities in Michigan and Wisconsin. The new ads, featuring Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers begin airing today in the Flint, Grand Rapids, and Milwaukee media markets as part of a seven-figure buy. 

“In less than two years, the Inflation Reduction Act is already proving to be the most effective piece of climate legislation in American history. These ads help to inform Wisconsin and Michigan residents about the local benefits of the IRA’s historic federal climate and clean energy investments, which are creating jobs and lowering household energy costs,” said Evergreen Action Executive Director Lena Moffitt. “Michigan and Wisconsin are leading the way on clean energy with Governors Gretchen Whitmer and Tony Evers working with the Biden administration to make major investments in their communities. As the IRA continues to catalyze historic climate action, it’s crucial we continue to shine a light on the progress in communities across the nation.” 

Since its passage, the IRA has proven immensely popular in both Wisconsin and Michigan. Polling from Data for Progress (DFP) has shown that 65 percent of Wisconsinites and 64 percent of Michiganders support the IRA, and an even higher percentage, 72 percent and 71 percent respectively, want their governors to aggressively pursue securing federal funding from the legislation.


Make it in Michigan. 

It’s not just a slogan—it’s a rallying cry and it’s what we’re doing every single day. 

Making electric cars that power our economy and our future. And now, working with the Biden administration, batteries that used to be made in China are being made all across our state. 

And we’re training Michigan workers for high-paying jobs in job training centers just like this. 

It’s good for our health, good for our economy, and it’s putting Michigan in the driver's seat.

Watch the Michigan ad here.


The morning light. 

It’s not just pretty—it’s powerful. And now, it’s set to energize over 750,000 Wisconsin homes.

And Governor Evers is working with the Biden administration to do even more. 

Like this project, where homes are being retrofitted with energy-saving windows, appliances, and better insulation. 

So your home value goes up and your energy bill goes down. 

“Wisconsinites, this is the future we spent years working hard to build together.”

Watch the Wisconsin ad here.