Evergreen Action Statement on Gov. Jay Inslee’s Decision Not To Seek Re-Election

Today, Evergreen Action Co-Founders Jamal Raad, Sam Ricketts, Aisling Kerins, Tracy Newman, Jared Leopold and Bracken Hendricks released the following statement on Governor Jay Inslee’s decision not to seek a 4th term:

“Governor Inslee has been one of the most impactful governors on climate action in American history. During the 11 years he has so far served as governor, he transformed Washington state’s climate policy, and made the Evergreen State the model for a thriving and just clean energy economy. Governor Inslee passed nation-leading 100 percent clean electricity and economy-wide carbon reduction laws, as well as landmark clean fuels and environmental justice legislation.

“Through his leadership in Congress, as governor, and his visionary campaign for president, Governor Inslee has been an inspiration for millions of Americans that we can defeat climate change, advance environmental justice, and create millions of clean energy jobs. His campaign for president set the bar for climate policy and created an open-source gold standard climate plan that became a model for President Biden’s plan and is reflected throughout the Inflation Reduction Act. In his climate plan and his leadership as governor, Governor Inslee laid out a clear vision for a clean energy future built on standards, investment and justice, which continues to shape climate policies at the federal, state, and local level.

“Governor Inslee’s vision and detailed plans also inspired the creation of Evergreen Action and countless other climate leaders across the nation and the world. We look forward to seeing his continued leadership in Washington state over the next 18 months, his ongoing national and international leadership on climate, and the impact of his work for generations to come. Governor Inslee is right: This is our moment to defeat climate change.”