EPA Trucks Rule is an Important Start on Curbing Toxic Air Pollution, But There’s More to Do

In response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) announcement of the updated rule on New Motor Vehicles: Heavy-Duty Engine and Vehicle Standards, Evergreen Action Policy Lead Rachel Patterson released the following statement: 

“EPA’s announcement today is crucial to protecting Americans’ public health—especially low-income and Black and Brown communities that are suffering first-hand from the toxic impacts of air pollution from trucks. The updates to EPA’s heavy-duty truck rule, aimed at reducing nitrogen oxides, and other soot- and smog-forming pollution is integral in the fight to protect both people and the planet. And while this is a necessary stepping stone toward rolling back mass pollution and ensuring the right to clean air for all, EPA could have gone further to accelerate the transition to zero-emission electric vehicles. 

“Now, EPA must continue the momentum, by approving California’s vehicle waiver for heavy-duty vehicles and proposing a strong federal greenhouse gas reduction rule for trucks. In doing so, the administration can protect those most at-risk and slash pollution that is exacerbating the worst effects of the climate crisis.”

In October, Evergreen put out a blog detailing the steps EPA must take to curb pollution in the transportation sector. You can read all of the recommendations in our piece, “EPA Must Accelerate Rulemakings to Leave Transportation Pollution in the Dust,” here.