EPA Raising the Bar for Equitable IRA Implementation With New GGRF Guidance

In response to newly released details from EPA on implementation plans for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF), which was established as part of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), Evergreen Action Deputy Policy Director Rachel Patterson released the following statement:

“It is imperative that the communities that have been hit first and worst by the impacts of climate change stand to benefit most from the climate and clean energy investments in the IRA. We are thrilled to see EPA aiming to exceed Justice40 initiative targets by directing more than half of GGRF investments to historically disadvantaged communities. With $27 billion to distribute, the GGRF is the largest competitive funding stream in the IRA. And by clearly articulating the direction of the program before the draft notice of funding opportunity, EPA is giving stakeholders the best chance to participate meaningfully in shaping the program and eligible recipients vital context as they prepare to apply for funds. This is what smart, equitable, transparent, whole-of-government climate action looks like. We look forward to continuing to engage throughout the listening session and comment process to ensure the GGRF is positioned to deliver transformative clean energy investments to the states, tribes, municipalities, and communities that need it most.”

In 2020, Evergreen called for the creation of a national green bank in its flagship Evergreen Action Plan, and outlined how such a bank could be structured to provide capital necessary to build America’s clean energy future in its Clean Jumpstart Plan with Data for Progress. Evergreen continued to advocate for the inclusion of such a program, which eventually became known as the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, throughout reconciliation negotiations. 

After the fund was included in the Inflation Reduction Act, Evergreen provided feedback on the program design to ensure that funds are directed to communities that can benefit most from these investments. Evergreen also partnered with RMI to release Implementation Guidance for States: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, which outlines how Governors and state leaders across the country can take full advantage of these funds to lower costs, create jobs, and build a thriving equitable clean energy future.