Biden Admin Shuts Down Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Keen On Destroying Clean Hydrogen

In response to the Biden administration’s release of proposed rules for claiming the Inflation Reduction Act’s (IRA) Clean Hydrogen Production Credit, Evergreen Action Vice President Craig Segall released the following statement:

“Deep-pocketed lobbyists have been dead-set on chaining U.S. hydrogen production to dirty fossil fuels, but today the Biden administration shut them down. The administration’s announcement, once finalized, will inject billions into our hydrogen industry and guarantee that the industry is cleanly rooted—untainted by coal, oil, and gas.

“In the face of immense pressure from the powerful and greedy, this decision puts a double underline on President Biden’s commitment to the clean energy transition. If the President stays the course, Americans around the country will be spared the effects of millions of tons of pollution while reaping the benefits of our turbocharged clean energy economy. Congratulations to the administration and all those who secured this huge win for our clean energy future.”

Earlier this year, Evergreen Action released, How IRS Could Make or Break Clean Energy, detailing how the IRS guidance on hydrogen tax credits could undermine EPA’s carbon pollution rules or save them. You can read the full piece here.