After Trump’s New Hampshire Win, Voters Face Clear Choice on Climate

In response to Donald Trump’s win in the New Hampshire Republican primary, Evergreen Action Communications Director Holly Burke released the following statement:

“It’s been clear for months that this primary has been little more than a sideshow. Now, as voters turn their attention to the main event, the stakes could not be higher. As we barrel towards critical 2030 climate targets, the American people are faced with a choice between a dangerous climate denier who wants to take us backward and the most successful climate president in American history. But Trump’s climate denial isn’t an isolated issue. Soon-to-be also-ran Nikki Haley led the effort to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement and has vowed to repeal Biden’s signature climate law, calling it a "communist manifesto." Republican climate denial is completely out of touch with voters across the political spectrum who support President Biden’s climate goals.

“Both of these men have served one term in the White House. We know exactly how they’ve governed, and Trump’s rhetoric on climate has only gotten more extreme since leaving office. Meanwhile, President Biden is proving that bold climate action can create hundreds of thousands of jobs, uplift local economies in urban and rural America, and lower energy costs all while slashing climate pollution. We can’t afford to go back to President Trump.”

Last week, Evergreen released Republicans Are Trying to Burn It Down, Literally, a memo breaking down the climate stakes of the 2024 election and the widening gulf between voters' choices.



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